Velozza – Bankrupt the Republic (review)

It has already been a while since Velozza released their latest EP “Bankrupt the Republic’. If you, like me, haven’t heard these three brand-new tracks yet, let’s dive into them together. Bankrupt the Republic is just 12 minutes of high-energy music, perfect for a little break. So put on your headphones and let’s press play!

About Velozza

Velozza is a four-piece thrash metal band from the southern parts of the Netherlands. The band released their first full-length Apocaholic in 2021 (read the review here). Cue fast-paced riffs, tight drums, and an old-school sound. Of course, we had to listen to their new music as well. Last year the band has played some nice gigs, being part of the Metal Battle preliminaries as well. Bankrupt the Republic is the latest chapter on their road to greatness.

Bankrupt the Republic

The EP starts of with the title track. The band recorded a video for this track as well, and if the music alone doesn’t convince you of their energy, the video definitely will. This track is exactly what we hoped to find on this release; raging old-school thrash metal. Right off the bat, this song is one big headbanging moshpit party.  In the video we can see the band enjoying themselves as well; the energy coming through the music is certainly displayed on stage as well. By the way, the video is just as high quality as the recording and certainly worth a view.

From Bankrupt the Republic, we head into Poltical Rot. This might have been a typo on Spotify since Political Rot makes more sense. Again the high energy seeps through the track, but a little more groove and melodic guitar solos are featured on this track. With the current state of the Dutch government, Political Rot seems like a very current track. Leave it to the metal bands to rebel against the man and tell us what’s wrong with the world. For fans of Psychostick, the chorus part of this track reminded me of that party band.

With the final track, War is my Sheperd, Velozza gives us a glimpse in their inspiration. This cover by Exodus fits the other two tracks on this EP perfectly. I have to say I like Velozza’s version better than the original because their vocals are a lot nicer to listen to in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

Bankrupt the Republic is another fun record by these thrashers. These tracks will certainly appeal to the broad metal community, as it’s everything you expect from a metal band. Loud, fast, screaming guitar solos and moshpits. With just three tracks, I can’t really name a favorite. But because of the video, I’d say check out the title track for this EP.


  1. Bankrupt the Republic
  2. Political Rot
  3. War is my Shepherd

Check the EP on Spotify:

Youtube video for Bankrupt The Republic

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