Molton Grove – The Grove (review)

Release date: 13-10-2023

It has been a while, but we haven’t forgotten this release by Amsterdam-based alternative grungy band Molton Grove. Having seen this band play live before, and knowing their infectious energy, I was happy to see a first release from the band. Join me in the Grove for some feel-good music. 

Molton Grove

Molton Grove has been around a while, but not much is published about the band. They have played at the Amsterdamse popprijs and had various gigs over the years, but not much in terms of reviews, news, or even a bio. Welcome to the underground. However, it’s in the underground where you sometimes find shiny diamonds. Molton Grove plays alternative, grungy stoner rock/metal. Melodic, emotive music, with a heavy groovy. Sometimes bordering on Doom and Progressive metal, at times atmospheric with lots of synths. Vocalist and bass player Nicolai has a captivating voice that reminds me of Seether and Black Label Society in a way. 

The Grove

The Grove is a cohesive EP: the tracks all have pretty much the same vibe. That makes it consistent but at a risk of being easily forgotten. Bein alternative metal, you don’t really know what the band is influenced by. However, it’s mainly grunge, mixed with some progressive and doomy riffs.

The Grove is the first official release from this band. There are five tracks on this EP, just over 20 minutes. The EP starts with the title track ‘The Grove’. It starts of nice and calm, but the energy kicks in soon after. There are enough interesting riffs to keep you hooked, however, it’s the vocals that make it stand out. From gritty clean vocals to grunts, Nicolai proves to be an allrounder. 

Next is Gliding. Nothing special and in my opinion, a song that’s easily forgotten. The chorus is nice though, but it’s in my opinion not enough to carry the track. 

On to Faint. That starts off on a darker note with crunchy bass and synths. It quickly turns back into the emotional vibe we first heard with The Grove. There is a nice middle-part with some solos, that keeps it on the darker side until the end of the track. 

It’s Fine

It’s Fine is my favorite track of this EP and the only track that made it into my personal playlist. The off-beat riff is nice, and the gritty vocals match the heavy riff very well. The instrumental break in the middle again displays the skills of the various band members well. The off-beat feel takes it towards the progressive rock side of the broad alternative spectrum, even though it never gets weird. The whole track just flows well. Oh, and by the way, vocal harmonies. I always love multiple layers.

The EP ends with November, another darker track. This track reminds me of Black Label Society because of the Southern rock vibe. That being said: it’s probably the hardest track on the EP. It’s a nice, groovy track. If you wanted a moshpit, this would probably be your only chance. During this tracks’ break we hear various other influence this band mixes into their version of alternative metal, which makes it a nice summary for the band.

Final Thoughts

The Grove is a nice debut EP for Molton Grove. Perfect tracks to the moody weather we’ve been having this last winter so far. If you’re only going to listen to one track, I’d recommend It’s Fine or November. It’s Fine is my personal favorite, but November is probably the better summary of what this band is capable of.


  1. The Grove
  2. Gliding
  3. Faint
  4. It’s Fine
  5. November

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Molton Grove live during P60 Quarantine sessions

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