Durden – Sense of Self Remix (review)

Releasedate: 11-11-2023

We have previously shared a little bit about the Pro Hater remix of Durden. Since then, the full ‘Sense of Self’ album has been remixed and released, and we promised to share a little something about the rest of the tracks as well. So here we are. If you’re a hardcore metalhead, who only wants to listen to music with heavy guitars, kickass drumlines, and screams, this review is NOT FOR YOU. Because Durden, as we’ve previously explained, is not your typical metal band to begin with, and these remixes definitely aren’t metal. That makes us wonder if we should review this at all. We decided to, regardless, because the original album is weird and wonderful in its own nu-metal/rap-metal way, whatever you want to call it, and these remixes might open up the metal scene to other audiences as well. People will always have an opinion regardless of what we write. So, after this disclaimer, let’s dive into these 5 new remixes. 

Sense of Self

The whole Sense of Self remix is more Drum ‘n Bass than anything. The Land of Pain Remix by Ceyhun Terhan fits that description pretty well. The original Land of Pain had a heavy headbang chorus, in the typical nu-metal style. In this remix version, the chorus doesn’t stand out as much. Other than that, the two tracks are hard to compare since the new version feels like a completely different track. The punchy rap verses are still there, but this will appeal to another audience since it’s a different genre. It kinda reminded me of Celldweler, who combined that Drum ‘n Bass sound with a more heavy edge as well. 

Pro Hater we’ve discussed before, so we’ll keep it short. The Drum ‘n Bass influences are still here, but it’s even more towards the hip-hop side than the original. If you think back to what Linkin’ Park did with Jay-Z, it’s somewhere in that same galaxy. 

Creepin’ was the track that was probably the most metal (together with 44) on the original version of this album. This new remix might be the biggest contrast with the original track. The entire chorus disappears, and only the ‘why’ is left, which actually adds to the meaning of the song. It has a much darker vibe but in a hip-hop kinda way. I’m not sure who the other rappers on this track are, but it’s nice to hear some more diverse lines spit on the track. Very different, and while once the most metal, now definitely the most hip-hop track of the album. 

44 is the track that maybe has the most metal influences left, even though the guitars are maybe a little too far in the back of the mix. This track is more heavy on the Drum ‘n Bass vibes again, and most similar to the original Durden sound.

The album ends with a new version of Stalemate. This track wasn’t on the original Sense of Self album, but it had been released as a single previously. It starts with a pulsing beat, almost in a New Retro Wave style. This is probably the remix that I like most on this album and the one that will end up in my personal playlist. I like the constant droning beat and the build-up towards the middle of the track. Again, very different from the original, which is aggressive and more towards metalcore than nu-meta in my personal opinion. However, I might like this version better, since it’s a little more balanced, and less in your face, while still being heavy. 

Final thoughts

The Sense of Self Remixes are definitely not for the average metalhead, since the link with the metal genre is fragile. However, if you’re a little more open-minded, you might still enjoy a few, if not all, of the tracks. Being a music lover myself I can enjoy various genres and I like mixing things up, so I can certainly appreciate a few of these tracks. Stalemate is probably my favorite track, because of the droning beat. People who are more into hip-hop might enjoy Creepin’ the most. 


  1. Land of Pain – Ceyhun’s Neurodiverse Remix
  2. Pro Hater – Plague Polluted Remix
  3. Creepin’ – adnan.psd’s Walk In The Park Remix
  4. 44 – Lightseer’s Lightshed Remix
  5. Stalemate – Schwartzstern’s Hurtin’ Durden Remix

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