Der Mancha Red – Shame (single) (review)

Release date: 21-12-2023

Der Mancha Red is a Doom band from Eindhoven. They released their latest single Shame last December and with the current cold weather, we found the perfect atmosphere to listen to this cold, dark track. 

Shame starts off with about a minute of instrumental acoustic dreaminess. The main riff carries on for most of the track, droning on to get you in another state of mind. As true Doom dictates, this track goes on forever, as it lasts over 9 minutes. The heavy screams in the chorus come as a rude awakening after hearing the clean, droning verse. There is however some nice build-up in the track as the second verse gets layered with more soundscapes and noise. After this, it’s just full-on brutality, and Der Mancha Red doesn’t back down anymore. The emotional screaming of They Never Were tears through your soul. The vocals reminded me of Deine Lakeien, having a gothic vibe. Even when we return to the verse after this heavy intermezzo, we’re still in a distorted guitar, noisy soundscape realm.  The ‘God Damn You All’ keeps hounding you even after the track ends. 

Perfect track for the cold, wintery days that are ahead of us. Check out Der Mancha Red on Spotify or Bandcamp.

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