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A while ago during The Metal Jam presents, we sat down with None Shall Fall to get to know the band a little better. None Shall Fall has been around for 14 years and have played gigs all over. Later this year the band is releasing a new EP. We talked about their journey so far, the upcoming EP and of course tour stories… which you might not want to hear. Or, want to hear again. Because it’s such an epic story, we’ve made a separate video just for the legend of Goulash. Of course, you can see the rest of the interview as a video on our Youtube as well. Eet smakelijk!

For those who don’t know you yet; who are you and what do you do?

Maarten: “We are None Shall Fall, we are from the Netherlands. We are from Bakkum, Castricum, Alkmaar, all over the place. We’ve been in existence for almost 14 years, I think 14 years this year. And we play hardcore, metal, punk, kind of a combination. I think lately it’s been more metal. Trash. A lot has been thrash lately. We’ve been playing faster and faster lately.”
Pieter: “We kinda play whatever genre we like.”

So who’s in the band?

Lucas: “So Lucas, originally from Brazil, I’ve been living in the Netherlands for about 8 years. I’ve met this guy 4 or 5 years ago. And since then we are rocking. I play guitar.
Maarten: “I play guitar and do backing vocals”.
Marijn: “I’m the best bass player in None Shall Fall so I play bass. And I joined around the time Lucas joined as well, so 4 or 5 years ago.
Pieter: “ I’m Pieter, the singer, and also the merch slut, the gear slut, the slut in general haha.

How has the journey of None Shall Fall been so far? You have been around for quite some time!

Maarten: “Originally Pieter and myself about 22 years ago were in a previous band. At one point that broke up, in a practise space called Decibel in Haarlem. And we met our drummer Eric in that practise space, and he auditioned and we started with the three of us. We had original members who became parents and they left, but luckily we met Lucas and Marijn.

Hardcore generally carries a very clear message in its lyrics. What message do you want to convey on stage?

Maarten: “It boils down to PMA: Positive Mental Attitude. Whether you make hardcore, punkrock, thrash, doom metal, death metal, or any kind of music. Just a Positive Mental Attitude. The lyrics are grabbed from life. I think I wrote all the lyrics. Pieter wrote one song. That’s the coolest song by the way, that’s about us being on the road, which is awesome. It’s just about us being on the road, having fun. We tour a lot in Europe, mainly Eastern Europe. We’ve gathered quiet a following in the Czech Republic. So yeah, positive message, having fun on stage while acting like tough dudes while we’re actually pussy’s.

Do you also believe that as a band you should contribute to the public debate? Think, for example, about a stance on equality or discrimination.

Maarten: “We have a song called greatest war of minds. Which is by the way a theory derived from Mathama Ghandi. Basically he fought a war with dialogue instead of physical violence. So yeah, that’s quiet political. You know, we’re against all war, all oppression, all sexism, all kinds of racsicm. We’re against everything that is negative. And we wish everybody would just get the fuck along.

You released an EP in 2015 and then came out with a new single in 2021. Actually, we expected more new work from you after 2015. Is there more coming? Why didn’t that happen back then?

Maarten: “The other two bandmembers quit so we kind of came to a standstill. And then covid happened. These guys joined us, we started writing again. Wrote a new single, called ‘Trapped inside’. Lucas wrote all the music, I wrote all the lyrics. But we just came from the studio, and we recorded five brand new songs. So there’s gonna be new shit coming out. I think in about a month, we just approved the artwork. In about a month we’ll be releasing our first single, “Lie of Ommision”. Which is a song about kind of, omitting to, stepping over things you normally wouldn’t step over. Like all the shit that happens in your life. Still a positive message but quiet dark. And then the second single will be another one, we don’t know yet which one. And after we will release the full EP. Probably within the next 6 months I guess.

What can we expect from the new EP?

Marijn: “We stepped up our game regarding the production. We worked together with a couple of friends of ours for the mix, the master, the recording. So productionwise it should be a big step up. The songs themselves are groovy, catchy, thrashy, and hardcore like the perfect None Shall Fall mix.

In the interview I asked the band for a tour story. It’s such an epic tale that it deserved it’s own video, so just check that story here.

YouTube player

You’ve been touring all over Europe. Where is the metalscene the most fun?

Maarten: “Czech Repulic. We’ve been touring the Czech republic from day one because we met a couple of guys from Born Again, a deathcore band back then, and they kept us touring, they kept giving us shows. We work a lot with Matti, the singer from Gutalax, a grindcore band. And he books us still for hardcore shows, metalcore shows. And everywhere. So that’s just really fun. We love other countries as well. But somehow we go back to the Czech Republic.

Do your colleagues know that you are in a hardcore band? What do they think about it?

Maarten: ”Up until I think last wednesday, I think, most of them didn’t know at work. Some of them do, some don’t. I don’t know.”
Pieter: “ My family knows that I’m doing this and they all love it, because I’m happy doing it. But some people, my neighbours, they don’t know. They see me in black and sometimes they see me with their band gear. And sometimes they ask and I let them hear our stuff and they’re like, oh jesus, that’s, something different haha. We didn’t know that. And that’s really funny haha.
Marijn: “Yeah for me it’s basically the same. All of my friends do know that I play in metalbands. Most of my colleagues don’t, because I tend to keep my work and private life separated.
Lucas: “Yeah for me kinda the same. Most of them don’t know, but at work we have this metalheads group in the communication channels of the company. The right people who need to know, they know.

Thanks a lot None Shall Fall for taking the time to do this interview, and we’ll be looking out for new music!

You can find None Shall Fall on Facebook, our database and check them out on Spotify.

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