just typing here to see where it goes Help us(me) out! - MetalFromNL

As you might already know, MetalFromNL is my passion project. I believe there are so many talented Dutch metal bands, that don’t get the attention they deserve. Part of this is that the Dutch metalscene is still a bit scattered. People from Groningen probably never heard this amazing band that plays in Zeeland, and vice versa. 

Metal From NL aims to change that, by promoting the whole Dutch metalscene. Small bands that just released their first demo get the same exposure as band that are on the 2nd European tour. We share it all. We interview, we review, we go gigs. We maintain a calendar with all gigs (however small) in the Netherlands, from Dutch bands and of course other metalbands as well. Where else to find your fellow metalheads, or possibly new bandmembers?  

We host a bi-weekly podcast with the 10 freshest tracks from Dutch Soil. We keep various playlists on Spotify, as well as a playlist on Youtube. And we try to communicate that all through social media and our website. 

But if I say ‘WE”, I mean ‘WE’ as a brand. It’s basically just me. Nicky 😉 

It’s now grown to a point that I would like a few of you to help me out with all of this. And while it’s a bit scary to let go, I think it’s for the better of the platform. I’m currently looking for people to help me with writing reviews and keeping up with socials (Discord, Whatsapp).

So! Are you willing and able to help out with any of the things mentioned above? Shoot me a DM on instagram or send me an email at info@metalfrom.nl 

I cannot offer you anything but the occasional concert ticket, so you’d need to be at least a little bit crazy and dedicated (like me!) Because I try to get our Dutch metal bands attention outside of our Dutch borders as well, make it as broad as possible, I tend to write most reviews in English. Your English skills need to be up for that. Other than that, time an of course a love for Metal is probably all you need!