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Dead Head – Shadow Soul (review)

Founded in March 1989, Dead Head is a 4 piece band originally from Kampen, Zwolle (NL). They still write their music in Kampen but as quoted from their website: ‘No band member has actually lived there for 20 years’.

With over 7 albums on their name, Dead Head is a staple within the Dutch Thrash metal scene and just released their 8th studio album called ‘Shadow of Soul’.

Shadow of Soul

The album overall is a straight up in-your-face Thrash metal album. Nothing more, nothing less. The album may start a bit slow but right after ‘Litany of the Weak’, there is 1 of my favourites of the album ’Serpents of Fame’.

Raw, aggressive and some solid head banging moments, all combined. I must say, the solo’s on this album are great, nothing over the top, just perfect for this genre. ‘The Age of Hype’, and ‘Opulent Disruption’ are my other two favourites of this album. Vocals are aggressive but nothing too fancy. 

To my surprise there are 2 instrumental songs on this album and it did raise my eyebrow a few times. If you ask me, I rather had them skipped and just had 30 minutes of full-on in kick ass metal. But, to be fair, you need some variety in your diet, so I understand there had some choices to be made here. 

Final Toughts

Overall great solid album, very good production, great solo’s and compositions.

Give this album a listen if you’re a fan of Thrash (and a little Punk) and you won’t be disappointed! 


  1. Litany of the Weak
  2. Serpents of Fame
  3. Caverns of Fate
  4. Defiance
  5. The Age of Hype
  6. The Run
  7. Opulent Disruption
  8. Dark Emptiness

You can find Dead Head on their own website, Facebook or Bandcamp.

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