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Sietse de Krieger – The worst

After the release of ‘The Weakest Predator’ in collaboration with Sugar Spine and Vincehatred, Dutch modern metal guitarist Sietse de Krieger is back with his latest release,’ The Worst,’ in collaboration with fellow Dutch solo artist Daniel Brooke. ‘The Worst’ features a unique blend of modern metal with an electronic approach, not only in the instrumental aspect but also in vocal production.

The Worst” (lyrics written by Daniel Brooke) portrays a struggle between conflicting emotions and identities. The figure feels torn between past and future, grappling with internal battles and uncertainties. Despite acknowledging personal flaws, there is a challenging journey towards self-reflection.

Born on May 22, 2002, Sietse de Krieger is a young emerging artist in the metal scene, known for blending electronic elements within modern metal. Inspired by bands like Northlane, Polaris, Spiritbox, and Bring Me The Horizon, Sietse’s sound definitely falls within the Modern Metal genre, but with a twist!

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