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Zieldoder / Magistraal split album

Not one, but two new bands emerged with a split album released by Zwaertgevecht this week. Two new Dutch Black metal bands, Zieldoder and Magistraal, collaborated to release a split album. Zieldoders’ part of the puzzle is called ‘Be Silent Like the Night‘, and Magistraal delivered the Fantoom of the Deemsterburcht. You can order the split on Vinyl from Zwaertgevegt here. Follow these bands on their socials for more info!

Be Silent Like The Night contains four tracks and is just over 20 minutes.

Magistraal’s part Fantoom Van De Deemsterburgt has three tracks, with just over 20 minutes as well, because the second track Mijn Branded Licht is an epic epos of 11 minutes.