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Inherited wins Wacken Metal Battle

Their first show ever was at the preliminaries in De Pit, Terneuzen. The Finals yesterday at Estrado Harderwijk was their 4th show in front of an audience. They had no social media, only a few pictures, no music online. Between the preliminaries and the final, the band managed to record and release not one, but two singles on the day of the final. Oh, and did we tell you the average age of these guys is 17!!!

Inherited shows us the scene definitely isn’t dead. They brought a touring car with 90 fans to the battle, which made the venue more packed with teenagers than we’ve ever seen at a metal concert. Seeing these young guys not only win but create a community around their music gives me high hopes for the younger generation.

The win was definitely earned. Though they might have been nervous, once they hit the stage, they looked like a well-oiled machine. That might also be dedication because they were in the studio rehearsing the morning of the finals. These guys have tons of energy, are highly skilled and their songs could have easily been written by the seasoned veterans in the scene. They mix groove and thrash metal (think Machine Head meets Slayer) and THEY GO HARD.

Stay tuned for more photo’s and video’s of the night, and an interview with these guys.

You can find Inherited on Facebook and Instagram.