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Release the River announces debut album


Unveiling “Virtues of the Vile,” Release the River’s debut full-length album, a sonic odyssey merging hardcore breakdowns, black metal blastbeats, and death metal grooves. The album shall emerge after the summer’s light dies in september 2024.

“Virtues of the Vile” delves deep into the darkest aspects of the human experience, drawing listeners into a realm of existential despair and spiritual turmoil. The lyrics explore themes of inner conflict, forbidden desires, and the consequences of unchecked greed.

Produced mixed and mastered by our own Mark Bos who did a magnificent job in guiding us into this next level of the blackened deathmetal powertrio.

Artwork made by the wonderful @mordiggianart who encapsulated the ominous vibe of this album.

The first taste shall come in the form of our new single ‘Enthralled’ releasing this Wednesday the 24th of april. Presave NOW via this link.