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Two weeks ago on May 3rd, ACU Utrecht hosted a sold-out deathmetal night with Anapoda, Ecocide, Gutslasher and Rectum Stretchers. Seth was there to take some pictures, so we can re-live the moment! Check all the pictures below this post. Pictures made by Seth (@sethpicturesmusic)

Rectum Stretchers … with a name like that, you know what you can expect. Nasty, nasty music, deafening goregrind. They haven’t released any music on Spotify yet, but they have been around a while. Their next gig will be June 22nd in Dordrecht, so if you need to destroy your eardrums, head over to their Instagram for more info.


Gutslasher is a new death metal band, and they had their debut show this evening. The band had been on stage during the Metal Jam before, and they had been working hard to perfect their performance. Check out the demo they released just in time to get us all warmed up for the liveshows.

Ecocide is a staple in the Dutch Death Metal scene by now. Vocalist Sten is just doing vocals for now, so he has plenty of air-time now he doesn’t have to carry his guitar anymore. Last year this band released their latest album Metamorphosis, but on May 24th they are releasing a new track.

Anapoda plays progressive extreme metal, so it’s hard, loud AND technically challenging. You can find more about them here (@anapoda_official)

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