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After the first edition of Plaguefest in Manifesto Hoorn, in honor of the Man As Plague album release last year, it was time for a second one. On friday the 10th of May, Loyalty Ends Here, Dauthuz, Man As Plague and the Belgian metalheads from Temptations for the Weak partied with the crowd in Manifesto, Hoorn. We were there to take some pictures and give these bands a listen. 

Loyalty Ends Here

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The guys from Loyalty Ends Here have  been working hard since they won the Wacken Metal Battle last year. They didn’t get to play Wacken, but they played a whole bunch of cool festivals in the Netherlands. And they’ve been working on an EP, which will be released on May 18th during a party in P3, Purmerend.

They were opening the night, which was a bit difficult because it wasn’t as crowded yet and people needed some alcohol to get in the mood. Loyalty still gave them a good show though, with plenty of headbanging and interacting with the crowd. 

Tonight the guys played a few of their new tracks as well, to get us in the mood for their EP release show. Let me tell you, the new tracks are even louder than before. Having heard some of the teasers of the upcoming EP, I know the quality of these tracks will be top-notch as well. Judging from these pictures, these guys are more than ready for the big stages. 


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Another band that has been around a while, even though they haven’t really played much in recent months. They themselves said they were getting ‘back from the dead’ with this performance. Dauthuz is nasty – nasty riffs, nasty growls, all round death metal goodness. I hadn’t heard of these guys before, but I will definitely be looking out for a new release later this year. 

Man As Plague

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It’s always fun to see these guys live, ‘cause you know it will be a party. The crowd wasn’t really in the mood for one though. Even though the band really tried to get them moving, only a few of them did. That didn’t matter to Man As Plague – they still gave it everything they got, with headbanging, kicks, and a circle pit around the soundtable, led by vocalist Tim. The crowd did enjoy them, as we could hear during the ‘No Rest, No Sleep’ sing-along-song. 

Temptations for the weak

Final band for the evening were the Belgian guys from Temptation for the Weak. Since I had to leave to get home on time, I didn’t get to see these guys. You can check them out on Spotify though! 

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