Loyalty Ends Here EP Release (18 mei)

Loyalty Ends Here has been working hard on the release of their debut EP. Since winning the Metal Battle last year, they have been playing all over the country. Meanwhile they still found time to record and complete their first release. It was officially launched during their EP Release party on May 18th with performances with friends from Crazed, None Shall Fall, Man As Plague and Changing Tides. 

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The night opened with Crazed. This band from Utrecht plays groovy metal, bringing back the 90’s with their sound. It was still pretty early when they started because with 5 bands playing, there was a strict time-table the band had to comply with. Even without a massive moshpit in front of the stage (even though the band asked for it), they still gave it their all on stage. It was also the farewell gig with drummer Eddo. Even though he’s leaving the band, he did do the recordings for the bands upcoming EP, which will be released later this year.  The band played some new tracks that EP as well. We’ve got to say, those new tracks sound good! It’s a bit heavier than what we were used too with this band, so stay tuned for that! 

None Shall Fall

None Shall Fall are somewhat of a local hero in the region, and well known for their energetic and positive stage performance. Besides some of their well-known tracks (This is why we do it, Trapped Inside) they played some of their new tracks as well. This band is also releasing an EP soon, and with their latest releasing already being three years ago it’s due time. The crowd warmed up a bit more by now, so a mini-moshpit started during their performance. Some of the audience were also invited to scream along, and Man As Plague frontman Tim also joined the stage to add some vocals, so it was truely everyone’s party. Because of the strict time-schedule all the bands had to stick too, their final song, in true hardcore style, was cut short. 

Man As Plague

No one stands still at as Man As Plague gig, and the people in the moshpit definately heard that message. This band has been playing in the area a lot lately, so they changed their setlist for this gig so we wouldn’t get bored. Of course they still played Portal and Dolus, but they also put in the less-played Sissyphus, which was a nice change. Man As Plague left a mic on stage for the audience to scream along, and a couple of people made sure their voices were heard. After a while, I think the soundguy turned the volume of that mic way down (or off), but the crowd didn’t mind and screamed in the mic none the less. 

Changing Tides

After a quick change over, it was time for Changing Tides. It was the first time I’ve got to see this band play live. As one of the bigger names in the scene, a succesfull crowdfunding campaign and a victory at the Guts&Glory bandbattle, which earned them a spot at Jera On Air, this band was sure to be a great experience. Changing Tides didn’t dissapoint. Low breakdowns, mean and heavy music, it was a lot of fun to watch these guys on stage. 

Loyalty Ends Here

Time for the main act of the evening; Loyalty Ends Here. The band had been preparing for this show for quite some time, and that shows in the performance. Their set opened with a video projected on a large cover, which of course dropped a few seconds into the first song, Sea of Harlots. The band performed with a click-track and a backing tape, which added a lot to their sound and made sure it was tight. It shows that vocalist Richie has been working on his vocals as well; there’s a lot more power and depth to his vocals now than a few performances ago.

The band made sure their EP release was quite the party. With risers, bouncing balls, lots (and lots!) of laser lights, and some well-timed streamers, the party was complete. Of course, they played all the songs from their latest EP, but they added some still-to-record tracks as well. If you liked the EP, make sure to check them out live to hear more from them. They made sure to thank everyone that helped organize the event, and of course all the other bands as well. In the end, they played the Backstreet Boys, which is very fitting for 5 good looking metalheads. Their music is pretty commercial, so they might indeed be the Dutch Backstreet Boys from the metalcore scene 😉

Check out Loyalty Ends Here EP ‘Darkest Red’ on Spotify.

Make sure to check the video for Deadweight on Youtube as well. And stay tuned for the aftermovie!

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Pictures were taken by Abyssal Void.

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