Resurrect Tomorrow – The Eagle (review)

Releasedate: 17.05.2024

The Eagle has landed! Literally, on May 17th, when the latest album from Resurrect Tomorrow took wings on Spotify. After the singles The Light of Treason and Absolution, the full album is finally online, and of course, we had to give it a listen. 

Resurrect Tomorrow

Resurrect Tomorrow is a melodic metal band from Utrecht that has been around for about 10 years. In 2013, they made their debut in the scene with the album A Dying Lie. Now the band is back with their 3rd album to date. After releasing two singles with videos online, now the full album ‘The Eagle’ is online for us all to enjoy.

Not much is known about Resurrect Tomorrow, so it’s up to us to figure out what they’re all about. Listening to their music, we clearly hear thrash metal influences, but there is a lot more to Resurrect Tomorrow. Especially in the vocals, this band has some old-school vibes, bringing me back to the 80’s and 90’s. Groove metal seems to be an influence as well, maybe some hardcore. At some points, it reminded me a lot of System of a Down. But we’ll get to that. 

It’s curious to see that this band hasn’t gotten as much attention in the Dutch scene, with them being around for this long. They’ve played plenty of great gigs, they have two great videoclips for this latest release online as well, and their music is great quality as well. Why I can’t find any reviews or interviews with this band is beyond me. Anyways. Onto The Eagle. 

The Eagle

The album starts with the title track The Eagle and starts with a mid-tempo guitar intro. At first glance, you might think you’re listening to a progressive rock track, but the thrash influences follow quickly. However, when the vocals join the guitars, those progressive vibes return, because of the unusual vocal lines. I have to comment Resurrect Tomorrow on that – style wise, you might link this to heavy rock or metal, but these melodies are different enough to keep me interested (and I usually don’t have that with heavy metal). And it’s not, really. I can’t really define their genre (and I hate those genre boxes anyway). We’ve got groovy, chord based riffs, nothing to intricate, but interesting nonetheless. 


Absolution is a track that was also graced with a video (check it on Youtube). I love the vocal harmonies in the beginning of the track. Style wise, this track goes in a completely different direction, again proving that this band doesn’t really want to be confined to one genre. We again have some heavy-metal influences, which isn’t really my thing. The intro and the break however give it enough of a twist to make in interesting even for me. 

The Fall starts off heavy, and is probably the moshpit track in their live-set. It’s a little too repetitive for me though. The thrash metal fans among us will probably enjoy it. 

The Light of Treason

The Light of Treason is another track that previously got released as a single, with a videoclip. I’ve heard this track lots of times by now, and it still doesn’t bore me. So it was probably a good choice for their first single of this album. Again, mainly because of the interesting vocal lines. This track is still mainly chord-based guitars, however, we do get a guitar solo at the end. 

The Valley of Death is an interlude track, to lead up to Blind Snakes. It doesn’t really work for me, because Blind Snakes has it’s own, quit long, intro. I feel the band could have worked the riff from The Valley of Death into another track, and that would have worked better. Blind Snakes is a straight forward hardrock song, and doesn’t really do much for me. 

Weighed Down

With Weighed Down, we get the first riff-heavy track of the album. For me, that makes it one of the more interesting tracks to listen too. There are some progressive influences in those riffs as well, and again the vocals win me over. We get treated to another guitarsolo as well, so the party is complete. It’s also an easy to sing-along track, so I imagine this works well live. 

And the party continues with The Untold Truth of Life. This is the track that really reminded me of System of Down – and once I’ve said that, you’ll probably hear that too. It’s the chaos, the tempo, the way the fast vocals are delivered, that really reminds me Serj Tankian. It has a nice vocal hook in the chorus as well, so this is also one of my favorites on the album. 

The final track on the album is the best title for an ending track I’ve ever seen: Epic Outro. The only bad thing about this closing track is that it’s one 2.28 min long. It’s basically an instrumental chaos to end their album with, which I really, really enjoyed. Maybe the band should focus on more riff-heavy, fast, chaotic tracks for their next release, because to me, it works really well. 

Final Thoughts

At first, I wasn’t sure what to think of Resurrect Tomorrow. But the more I’ve listened to them, and especially with this latest album, I think they’ve grown on me. They manage to create quite a unique sound, while still being very listenable. Just enough interesting parts to keep me on my toes, and easy enough so people can bang their heads and shout along. My favorite track of the album is probably Weighed Down, or The Untold Truth of Life. If you’re into ‘just metal’ and don’t like the technical, heavy stuff, Resurrect Tomorrow might just be the band for you. 

You can find Resurrect Tomorrow on their website 

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