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ZubZero released their first demo ‘Lost Sun’ a while ago and I finally got to it today. ZubZero is a thrashmetal band from the Netherlands and they have been around a while. In May this year they released a new demo called ‘Lost Sun’. The demo is available through bandcamp and you can even get a physical copy if you want through Big Bad Wolf records.

Lost Sun

Lost Sun is a 2-track demo that’s been recorded and mixed in the Popbunker, Leeuwarden. The first track, Lost, kicks off right away with heavy riffs and grunts. And as abrupt as Lost starts, Liquid Sun ends. The mix is a little out of balance for me and even for a demo, I think the quality could have been better. However, you get a good view of the music this band wants to make. Straightforward thrash riffs, nothing too complicated, just thrashing around. ZubZero has a 90’s thrash sound that will please the old-school metalheads.

Both Lost and Liquid Sun are not too up-tempo and have similar riffs and feel. Because of the mix, the typical wall of sound I’d expect for a thrash band doesn’t really come through. The blunt riffs do however make me want to hear more.

Where to find ZubZero

Go check out Lost Sun for yourselves on bandcamp and check out the band on Facebook or our database.