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Grindpad – Finger Collector Crew

Releasedate: 30-09-2023

If you’re in need of a smoke- or coffee mosh break during your workday, look no further! Finger Collector Crew gives you 15 minutes of happy moshing respite from your boring workday and leaves you with enough energy to smash out your day. Or your boss. Or your pc. Actually, these 15 minutes filled with happy aggression just leave you wanting to smash stuff. Moshpit in the breakroom, anyone?

Grindpad (yes, pronounced the Dutch way, just listen to AO Godverdomme) is a Utrecht based thrash band. They have been kicking up dust since 2008 with their first EP Killing for a Living. This year the band is back with their fifth EP, Finger Collector Crew. Originally the band started as a death metal band and even won the Metal Battle. That resulted in some awesome gigs with, to name one, Boltthrower. Since then a lot has happened, and currently, the band is just playing fun, mother fucking thrash.

Since the Sharkbite EP, the band is bringing a shark-infested moshpit everywhere. The cover of Finger Collector Crew is a Kill Bill-like scene, filled with Sharky Yakuza members. That imagery makes total sense to me when you listen to the EP. On this EP the sharks appear during Santa Cruz, a nice thrashy surf rock song, because what else would make sense for sharks?

Final Words

From start to finish Finger Collector Crew keeps the energy high, with maybe the exception of the more surf-inspired Santa Cruz. My personal favorite is AO Godverdomme because it’s just really stupid, reminding me of De Raggende Mannen and Neuk!. However, with just 15 minutes of music, you can just listen to the whole EP in one session and leave yourself smiling and playing it on repeat a few times.

Check out Grindpad on their website, on Facebook, or in our database.

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