Serotonia – Choices (review)

Releasedate: 15-01-2024

Serotonia is back with a new release! They released their debut EP ‘Choices’ during a live event on Twitch on Friday the 12th. Now the debut EP is available through all streaming services for the world to enjoy. We knew what we were in for, having been part of their release show, but we are giving our opinion on paper after a few more listening sessions as well. Join us in exploring all the Choices this new EP has to offer.


If you’ve seen the interview we did with Serotonia, you already know everything there is to know about this band (If you haven’t, you can check it here). The metal(core) band from Alkmaar has been steadily working on creating hard and heavy, melodic tracks. They fit the label metalcore best, but they try to keep their music diverse, and their live performances energetic and engaging. The band might be best known for their live performances. They clearly enjoy what they do on stage, and manage to get the crowd in the same mood as well. 


Choices is the debut EP by this band. Previously they’ve released a few singles and even a video clip. Last year the band competed in the Dutch version of the Wacken Metal Band and gained quite some attention because of this. MetalFromNL has been following the band for a while now, because of their music, but also because the band members are just awesome people. Their passion for the music and each other might very well be what got them so far in the first place. 

Choices is a collection of tracks the band has been playing live for a while now. The EP opens with the instrumental opening track Storm of Silence, which the band used in their live performances for a while now. After the intro, the EP really kicks off with the title track Choices. We get right into it with a heavy verse, that will probably get the crowd moving right away. This track has a bit of a twist with the low, slow middle part. It feels like the track gets cut in half, and I have to be honest, I don’t like the second part of the track as much as I did the first. 

Luckily Serotonia makes up for that with Hero. This track takes you right back to the age when Nu-Metal was still very much alive. The verse, at least. The clear guitar riff and the popping bass, layered with the rap-verse remind us of Linkin Park in a weird heavy way. The chorus ties the track together with the rest of the music, heavy, not too complicated and easy to follow. And as true metalcore dictates; of course there is a breakdown in the middle. 


Elegy is another crowdpleaser. After the shouting, we immediately go into a headbanging riff. This track might be heavier than the rest of the tracks on the EP, with again a clear place for the bass. I like the double-tempo version of the chorus, which brings us just another interesting angle. As well of course as the, again, breakdown in the middle. There is enough time for the guitarist to show off in a solo battle as well, showing the band’s technical capabilities. This part is even better live (check the videos from 44NextDoor while they are still online) because guitarist Mick makes the best faces while doing it. 

Dying Fire is the fourth track on this EP and starts with an ominous synth sound and tight off-beat drum. You would expect it to turn heavy or maybe breakbeat after this intro, but Dying Fire is more of a ballad than anything. Well, the intro and the first verse at least. And maybe the chorus. The band gets help from Tom Eberhart for this track to add another interesting vocal layer to the track, but I can’t help but wonder if they should have made more of a difference by getting a guest vocalist. It’s not my favorite track, however, my favorite riff (even though short) is the small dissonant break, around 3 min into the song. Serotonia not only shows its versatility but again also its technical capacity. 


The final track of Choices is Vices. Even after hearing this track a million times, it’s probably still my favorite. The main riff of this track is just really that good. They’ve mixed that main riff cleverly into the verses as well so the whole thing feels very cohesive. The whole track is an emotional rollercoaster, and the perfect blend of fast, heavy, melodic. If not for the rap-like vocals, it would have been more of a melodic death metal track. We even got some sparse vocal harmonies on this track! After the guitar harmonies, we dive into the clean break. And just as you would expect, after this follows the heavy version of this break, complete with the heavy bass drops. 

Final Thoughts

Choices is a great debut EP for Serotonia. While I don’t like every track on the EP, with a score of 3 out of 5, I’d say it’s pretty good. My personal favorite is still Vices, however, Elegy is a close second, if not a shared favorite. To make the trio complete, also listen to Hero if you’re into nu-metal. I hope the band is working on more tracks, ‘cause I’m really curious to see where they will take their music. 


  1. Storm of Silence
  2. Choices
  3. Hero
  4. Elegy
  5. Dying Fire
  6. Vices

You can find Serotonia on their website or in our database.

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