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  • Deadspeak – “Pyro was a first”

    Deadspeak – “Pyro was a first”

    You just played the amazing underground festival Graveland. What was that like?  It was amazing! We never played on an open-air stage and also the Pyro was a first one. We practiced a bit differently now and the whole show felt really good for us all. It was great to play at one of our…

  • Graveland Festival – Day 1

    Graveland Festival – Day 1

    Graveland Festival is the place to be if you’re into (underground) death and black metal. This year’s headliners are well worth the 99 euro for a two-day festival. This years’ line-up includes Tiamat, Carcass, Dool, Necrophobic, Tsjuder and Wolves in the Throne Room, besides of course a lot of other bands and even some local…

  • DeathNight at ACU, Utrecht

    DeathNight at ACU, Utrecht

    Two weeks ago on May 3rd, ACU Utrecht hosted a sold-out deathmetal night with Anapoda, Ecocide, Gutslasher and Rectum Stretchers. Seth was there to take some pictures, so we can re-live the moment! Check all the pictures below this post. Pictures made by Seth (@sethpicturesmusic) Rectum Stretchers … with a name like that, you know…

  • Dauthuz live @ Plague Fest vol. 2

    Dauthuz live @ Plague Fest vol. 2

    Dutch Death Metal certainly isn’t dead! These guys bring the deep growls, the nasty riffs and all the good death metal vibes. Check them out on Spotify. Pictures of their latest gig during Plague Fest are on the website now.

  • Beyond the Pale – Monument in Time

    Beyond the Pale – Monument in Time



    There it is! We have been waiting for this EP to drop since the EP releaseparty back in March in Vorstin, Hilversum. Today, the debut EP for Dutch Deathmetal band Beyond the Pale has finally been released. They of course could have only released this EP on the 27th in memory of Jeroen. Give this…

  • NH Metalfest IV

    NH Metalfest IV

    On April 19th, the 5th edition of NH Metalfest took place at De Flux in Zaandam. MetalFromNL was there to take some pictures and write a review of the evening. An interesting night it was! Stay tuned for more pictures of the bands later.

  • Hesken – Architect of Chaos (review)

    Hesken – Architect of Chaos (review)

    Sometimes you have an album where you just have to drop everything and sit down to listen. Architect of Chaos is one of those records. I often listen to an album several times before starting the review, and especially the first few times I heard this record, I really took the time to sit down…

  • Release the River announces debut album

    Release the River announces debut album



    ANNOUNCING THE DEBUT ALBUM: VIRTUES OF THE VILE Unveiling “Virtues of the Vile,” Release the River’s debut full-length album, a sonic odyssey merging hardcore breakdowns, black metal blastbeats, and death metal grooves. The album shall emerge after the summer’s light dies in september 2024. “Virtues of the Vile” delves deep into the darkest aspects of…

  • Bloid – The Perfect Machine (EP)

    Bloid – The Perfect Machine (EP)

    Bloid, despite their name, play energetic Death Metal. Bloid is Frisian for ‘happy’, and judging by their album cover these guy are pretty ‘Bloid’. They’ve just released a new EP, ‘The Perfect Machine’ and I’ve been enjoying it for a few hours now. Their answer on facebook as to why there are geese on their…